Year to June : points winner Passell  403     Joust: Dec 2022  Winner: Bridge2022 Runner Up: Norcal plus Sep 2023  Consolation Winner: Turbo Runner Up: Reynolds   The Gauntlet: Oct 2023  Winner: Polluke   90   Runner Up: mike Passell   84   Third: GenericTeam   83   Fourth: Kalyan   82     Reynolds Quest: Mar 2021  Winner: Dragons Runner Up: slackers   William Tell Swiss: Winner: Dragons Runner Up: Infernal Cogs   Knarly Knights: Apr 2024  Winner: Serendipity Runner Up: mike Passell

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Rating System

The Bridge Zone rating system will rate teams, based on wins and losses and the strength of opponents. It will use the ELO rating system which is used in Chess, Backgammon, and other games.

A short description of the ELO system is that each match is assigned a probability for each team winning, based on the rating difference. Each match will be “worth” 20 rating points (higher values will apply when a team first starts playing so that it reaches its appropriate rating level faster). While all teams will start with a rating of 1500, there will be a phase-in period in which teams playing opponents that are stronger than the average team in the field will be treated as though they are playing a higher-rated team. Thus, they would gain more points for a win and drop fewer points for a loss.

So if one team is a 75-25% favorite to win, then if they win their rating would go up 5 points and their opponent’s would go down 5 points; if the underdog wins the rating changes would be 15 points for each team.

BridgeZone Points

We have a simplified point system. Points are intended as a measure of achievement and persistence, nothing more or less.

A win in the first round of the tournament is worth 10 points. Wins in subsequent rounds are 50% more for the first two rounds and 25% more thereafter. Wins in the consolation are worth half the main. In cases where there are very few matches in a round due to byes, the first two rounds may be worth the same. Forfeit wins do not earn points.

First place in a 5-round tournament would therefore be worth 110 points (10 + 15 + 22 + 28 + 35).

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