Year to November : points winner Norcal plus  521     Joust: Dec 2022  Winner: Bridge2022 Runner Up: Norcal plus May 2023  Consolation Winner: Dallas31 Runner Up: Norcal plus   The Gauntlet: Jan 2023  Winner: Les Flambeurs   107   Runner Up: The Griffins   102   Third: birdsfan2   94   Fourth: Buffalo Beavers   93     Reynolds Quest: Mar 2021  Winner: Dragons Runner Up: slackers   William Tell Swiss: Winner: Dragons Runner Up: Infernal Cogs   Knarly Knights: Sep 2023  Winner: Precito_01 Runner Up: Serendipity


The Bridge Zone Joust is a monthly single elimination tournament with a progressive consolation. Each round is a minimum of 28 board match. (longer in the semifinals and finals)

We realize that match deadlines are short. Please attempt to schedule your matches as soon as possible. If a time can not be agreed upon within the scheduled time frame, please contact the Bridge Zone Joust host and a reasonable extension will be granted.

The default playing site is BridgeBase Online. By agreement you may play your matches on an alternate site.

Signups close at 6 PM pacific time, on the 15th day of the month.
Pairings are random and will be posted shortly after close of signups.

Good Luck! But most of all...Have Fun!

May 2023


Runner Up
Norcal plus

Latest Winners

Main Consolation
Event Winner Runner Up Winner Runner Up
May 2023 Dallas31 Norcal plus
Mar 2023 Dallas31 Reynolds
Dec 2022 Bridge2022 Norcal plus friends of warren Alfa Centauri
Oct 2022 Norcal plus Meffley Memorial Passell Alfa Centauri
Jun 2022 Alfa Centauri Norc
Sep 2022 Passell cafe Alfa Centauri Tea House
Nov 2022 Bridge2022 Norc Tea House cafe
Aug 2022 Norcal plus Turbo friends of warren Tea House
Apr 2022 Bridge2022 Evergreen Norcal plus Norc
May 2022 Norcal plus cafe Nicer (WB) No Result (WB)
Mar 2022 Evergreen Seattle Social Bridge2022 Tea House 2
Feb 2022 Evergreen Norc 85degree Tea House 2
Jan 2022 Tea House Mashugana friends of warren Norcal plus
Oct 2021 cafe (FW) Brooklyn Bridge (FW)
Dec 2021 Fudan CAMA Norcal plus Crag Hack
Nov 2021 Norcal plus Dallas31 Turbo Mashugana
Jun 2021 EastWest cafe
Sep 2021 Uli 85degree cafe Mashugana
Aug 2021 Brooklyn Bridge Norcal plus Uli Crag Hack
Jul 2021 Brooklyn Bridge Meffley Memorial Uli cafe
May 2021 Sensarma Bay Bridge Brooklyn Bridge Precito
Mar 2021 Victor King Memorial The Optimists
Apr 2021 Sensarma Uli Brooklyn Bridge samgir
Feb 2021 Meffley Memorial The Optimists
Jan 2021 east and west coasts Sticks and Wheels Brooklyn Bridge Victor King Memorial

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