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The Gauntlet is a tri-monthly Swiss format event. Matches are 20 hands in length and round lengths will be one week. The number of rounds will depend on entries but will be at least 6. players are ranked by the cumulative VP scores with the top scoring players paired together and so on down the line to the lowest scoring players. Initally seeding is random.

No player will play the same opponent twice in the same tournament.

To play in this event you need to create a login name for your pair. You cannot use a team name that is used in teams events. If you are already a captain of a team you can switch between the 2 logins on MyPage without the need to log out.

Oct 2023


Runner Up
mike Passell



Latest Winners

Event Winner Runner Up Third Fourth
Oct 2023 Polluke mike Passell GenericTeam Kalyan
May 2023 TryBest GenericTeam PhlBda Kevin Dwyer
Jan 2023 Les Flambeurs The Griffins birdsfan2 Buffalo Beavers
Aug 2022 mike Passell Polluke OAK birdsfan2
May 2022 GenericTeam mike Passell DragonTiger garsou
Jan 2022 mrrdn BringItOn garsou Serendipity
Oct 2021 Wolf mrrdn Can planoyang
Jul 2021 DragonTiger Ransom Sunflower All In The Family
May 2021 Wolf mrrdn planoyang The Calm
Mar 2021 Kevin Dwyer AndOver Wolf Precito_01
Jan 2021 planoyang DoubleW Andy_Mike Polluke
Nov 2020 garsou Jersey Boys planoyang Precito_01

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